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I would like to express my author’s position. What is the search for new formats of painting from my point of view? No, these are not experiments with author’s excrement and similar “fashionable” shocking, the purpose of which is not to promote art, but only to draw attention to your person. To do this, you don’t even need to be an artist – to stain the canvas, so you can’t wash it in every way, anyone can. No. Our formats are based on classical painting forms, techniques and materials. We want to continue the millennial tradition of classical painting, developing them in new, unusual forms. To date, five similar (know-how) formats have been invented, for which patents are taken or are being taken. Know-how means a technique that none of the artists have used before. Art should surprise the viewer and give the creator the opportunity to try his hand at new, innovative directions.

I can’t tell you about our developments here, but I can give you a slightly absurd, but somewhat explanatory example. Let’s imagine canvases measuring, for example, a meter by … one kilometer, which will stand vertically. Was that? .. No. What attracts attention and creates excitement interest. It is clear that such a format will lead to new approaches to drawing techniques, because it will be difficult to see a traditional drawing at a height of a kilometer. Moreover, the height of the canvas will force the development of the original drama of the paintings. Perhaps, for such large-scale works, it will be necessary to invent new exhibition forms – elevators for spectators, drones controlled by them, etc. At the same time, while remaining within the framework of classical painting, artists will have to find new plot, dramatic and pictorial solutions. That is, the form will pull new content along with it.

Of course, our ideas are completely different, but no less unexpected, giving scope for creative experiments for artists that were previously inaccessible to them.

To date, the first concept is being implemented, more than 200 paintings have already been written, which we intend to exhibit both in our gallery and at other venues. New, no less unexpected, formats will follow.

Is it possible to participate in this work? Of course! But … you will have to sign an agreement on non-disclosure of the know-how of the painting format and its use only with the consent of the authors. I don’t want to lower the bar that has been taken by turning a creative experiment into a banal commercial “sanc”. Our goals are different, we want to expand the usual, established frameworks and stereotypes, offering artists “new palettes”, which will expand their creative range and open up new names to the world.

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