Art Incognito

Message of ExPresident UIA Gaetan Siew

Учёные, находящиеся в состоянии аффекта


Many of both Old and New World’s artists now known by general public just happened to be luckier than many of their equally gifted fellow craftsmen who are born and live in a less thick information environment. However, there are artists and, probably, even whole art forms unknown to our world just because of their being too remote from us, or due to these people’s living and working in closed countries.


Our project aims at finding these artists and introducing their work to the public at large. We are not to evaluate or to correct any such artist’s work, but we just want to yank these people out of obscurity and provide them with possibility to judge their own work themselves and thereby, probably, to diversify their vision of contemporary art.


We wish to supply all artists with equal possibilities to develop their creation regardless of their nationality, residence, confession, etc.


Suppose our joint efforts will rescue some talents otherwise condemned to dereliction and will reveal new van Goghs, Picassos, Michelangelos, and so on to the world!


We realize that such a considerable task may be carried out only through joining efforts of many people. Therefore, everyone who takes this idea close to his heart is invited to write to us. We will be grateful to you if you will tell us about yet unknown, or, as you may deem it, undeservingly underappreciated artists, and will send us samples of their work.


Talents are panhuman value and our noble goal is to help them dart per aspera ad astra.