Art Incognito

May 2015

Delivery of Diploma of "Art Incognito" gallery to scolar of gallery Victor Frimu.

April 2015

Trip of artists of Moldova and Romania to Budapest and Berlin to take part in the creative actions of "Art Incognito" gallery and "ArtTripShow" group.
Plein Air at the station Hauptbahnhof. Creative action of artists of Moldova, Romania and Transnistria. Berlin, April 2015.
Common action of "Art Incognito" gallery and artist group "ArtTripShow". Сollective Plein Air, Koshut square, Budapest, April 2015.



Visit of young artists from Moldovain Berlin by invitation of "Art Incognito" gallery, January, 2015.

Visit of house of free artists in Berlin.
Work in gallery.

January 2015

Collective action of artists of Moldova, "Art Incognito" gallery and administration of Main Railway Station (Hauptbahnhof) of Berlin.



Creative trip of artists of Transnistria organised by "Art Incognito" Gallery and Union of artists of Transnistria. Budapest, Berlin. Oсtober-November 2014.

Plein Air "Buda Castle", Budapest, Oсtober 2014.
Jazz party. Common action of artists of Transnistria, students and teachers of Budapest сonservatory. Musical improvisation. October 2014.
Plein Air in Berlin. November 2014.
Preparation of exhibition in "Art Incognito" gallery in Berlin.
Exhibition of artists of Transnistria in "Art Incognito" gallery. Berlin, November 2014.

The letter of thanks of the Union of Artists of PMR


     Union of Artists of Pridnestrovie expresses sincere gratitude to Andrey, Natalya Petrovna and Maxim for the fruitful cooperation, good organization of the Transnistrian plein air painters in the project "UNKNOWN ART OF EMERGING COUNTRIES."   We are very grateful for the warm welcome and care for us, for the creation of a creative atmosphere, helps artists realize their ideas. The organizers took this project seriously, inviting artists from Transnistria, have created good living conditions, took care of the paint and canvas, equipped with an exhibition hall for the exhibition written works. Provided the guests and participants of the plein air a unique opportunity to explore the city of Budapest and Berlin.

     Organizers did their best to create a climate of creative artists. It easily and naturally, and it gave us the opportunity to safely and productively while enjoying the beautiful weather, the smells and colors of the European oseni.Na open air reigned great atmosphere, friendly chat with the writer Andrei Ilyin, his wife Natalia and son Maxim Ilicheva.

     We are confident that our cooperation will be mutually beneficial and productive, and contribute to the development of the fine arts of Transnistria. Representation of European works of our artists, will be the introduction to a young Transnistrian state.

     Overall, the trip was left not only in pleasant memories, written works, but has also become an enabling participants to make further improvements.

     We wish you expand the project. Suppose you inherent vitality and the responsibility will contribute to the further development and promotion of your creative ideas.


Chairman of the Union of Artists of Pridnestrovie - P. Kitaev

Member of the Union of Artists of Pridnestrovie - S.Panov