Art Incognito

Our message

Our main aim is worded in the very name of our project – «Unknown Art of Emerging Countries»

We suppose to carry out continuous search for talents in less familiar to us countries where, with assistance of official bodies, artistic organizations, and willing individuals we will form exhibitions of both «official» and underground artists, and will introduce them to general public. You may agree that we are actually unaware of art of such countries as North Korea, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Iran, Kuba etc, which all of them have their own peculiar, but extremely gifted artists.


We do realize that it is impossible to be simultaneously everywhere, therefore we look for volunteer assistants, who could direct us to yet unknown, or undeservingly underappreciated artists, and send us information about such artists and samples of their work.


Each artwork sample sent to us will be presented by us to an Expert Council consisting of persons renowned in this form of art and not given neither name, nor nationality, age, or place of residence of this work’s author. So, the Expert Council’s members will deal with pure art. When doing this, the Expert Council’s members will not be able to mutually correct their opinion, because they will not know each other. Evaluation of an artistic work should be impartial. Each expert will express his opinion and will allot the mark regarding presented artistic work, what will allow to detect promising works and the most interesting artists. In such a way, rating of professional experts will be formed.

Thereupon, all artistic works will be placed on a freely accessible Internet site in order any interested person to be able to evaluate them and to allot its own mark. This will be the second, viewers’ rating, which may differ from the professional one.

By the results of these two (professional and public) expert examinations we will form virtual and actual expositions, and will by all means promote the newly discovered talents, for which purpose we will carry out various events attracting public attention and facilitating development of this project.

To further promote talents discovered by us, we want to create a common agent base, and for each artist to select the most appropriate agent capable of promoting this artist to the professional art market.

Apart from this, our aim is, using support rendered by art patrons, to help artists being on their bones by the force of circumstances.

For that reason, we have own premises of the gallery in Berlin.

One of the premises of the gallery is located in Strasse Der PariserKommune 20 AE, which is close to iconic places in East Side Gallery and its very typical to Gdrs home ,on another side, you can see the Arts of Center which has been destroyed during the Second Cold War. In the future we have planned to build our own Berlin Wall ,along the façade and all the visitors can paint this wall as well. In addition this wall can be used as a platform for various conferences and other public events and different kind of activities.

Branch of Gallery will be located in the building at 30 Alfred-Kowalkestrasse of historical value (Denkmal). In these places we will hold exhibitions, discussions, workshops, meetings and other events. Plus will be apartments and workshops for our guests.

Another art gallery will be located in our house in the center of Budapest in the «theater district «on the street Nagymezo utca, 27. It intended for exhibition’s to the young painters .

We would like to hope that joint efforts of many sensible people will reveal new names to the world.

Message of ExPresident UIA Gaetan Siew