We are pleased to announce that the Art-Incognito gallery is resuming its work. Previously, the galleries held several dozen plein airs, exhibitions, master classes, art duels and other events in Berlin, Budapest, Moscow, in which more than one and a half hundred artists from Moldova, Transnistria, Romania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Ossetia, Abkhazia participated, Germany, France, China, Belgium. During the forced exhibition pause, we also did not sit idly by – in the period from 2017 to 2021, unique social and creative projects were implemented, such as “Art-march”, “Art-night “, “Door to the world of art”, street modular exhibitions that are united by a common goal – to create creative lifts for aspiring artists, providing quick and direct contact with potential connoisseurs of their work.Every artist has the right to present their works directly, bypassing galleries, agents and other intermediaries. This is the freedom of creativity and the path to recognition of new talents.

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In addition, other projects were implemented:

– “People with a difficult fate” – when our artists painted portraits of the guests of the shelter for the homeless, at the same time communicating with them and learning their life stories, and they were told what they might not have told anyone before. Women with tears in their eyes thanked us for the fact that at the end of their lives they were able to come into contact with the world of art and artists and see themselves in paintings differently than in life. Because it is not enough to simply feed and clothe people in trouble, they lack live communication with people from the “big world” and new sensations, they want to break out of the framework of their social cliché imposed by the environment. One of our “model” died two days after posing, and the workers of the shelter said that she looked at her portrait until the last minute.

– The “Art Calendar” project, where we asked artists to choose any number in the calendar and paint a picture – a portrait of a famous person who was born on that day or an image of an event, etc. We planned to close the whole year and create a separate painting panel out of 365 paintings … Unfortunately, we managed only two months, because finding 365 artists was not easy. But we hope to resume this project.

And finally, about our main priorities. Gallery “Art-Incognito”, in addition to traditional exhibitions, planners and master classes, proposes to develop two main areas:

– The first is the search for new, unusual formats of painting (our know-how). You can read about this concept in the Experimental Painting Laboratory section.

– The second direction is the organization of original exhibition sites. It seems to us that the time when galleries ruled the show is running out. Now the artist does not have to wait for whom he will bring to his exhibition, but must himself go to meet his connoisseur. That is, exhibition activities should become more aggressive, in a good sense of the word. We have already conducted similar experiments, for example, a weekly exhibition and an open air at the main train station in Berlin, an art action on Parliament Square in Budapest, Art Marches in Moscow, including in the metro. We, of course, will continue these experiments, but on a different scale. Only the use of such exhibition formats makes it possible to present a thousand or more paintings at once, in places where potential spectators are concentrated, which increases the chances of artists to be noticed a hundredfold. And, of course, the use of all the power of the Internet and social networks in conjunction with an unusual presentation of material.

We really hope that we will find our friends among artists and connoisseurs of painting.









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